The ultimate wingéd beast - the final entry in our favourite dragons EVER!

Who doesn't love a dragon, eh?

James Maxey's excellent Dragon Apocalypse trilogy is now available as a DRM-free download available direct from our webshop. To celebrate, the members of the Solaris team have been reminiscing about their favourite dragons from literature, comics, and film. 

Finally we have editor-in-chief Jonathan Oliver...

The thing about dragons in fantasy, is that they’re often not done well, or are just dull. This is why I was so delighted with James’ Dragon Apocalypse trilogy; the books are fresh, funny and, most importantly, exciting. 

Outside of our own books the most recent dragons to have impressed me are Steven Erikson and Ian C. Esselmont’s in the Malazan series of books. The first dragon we encounter in Gardens of The Moon is Anomander Rake, who is a bad-ass sword-wielding shape-shifting son of shadows. Most of the time Anomander is in human form, but when he shifts it’s the first time we see a dragon in the Malazan saga and it’s awe-inspiring stuff.

But, beyond the fact that Erikson’s dragons are just damn cool, there’s a whole history behind the dragons and those with dragon blood, which, like everything Erikson writes, is meticulously detailed and brilliantly thought through. Other literary dragons of note are too numerous to list here, but if you can do dragons well, I think you can bring something fresh to a genre using an old trope.

The three books of James Maxey's Dragon Apocalypse trilogy - GreatshadowHush, and Witchbreaker - are available as individual ebooks or as an omnibus from the Rebellion store right now.

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Bob Milne said...

Oh, good call! Anomander Rake is a fantastic character, and definitely one of the most interesting 'new' takes on the dragon.