How DOES a dragon walk? We continue our rundown of our favourite dragons...

Who doesn't love a dragon, eh?

James Maxey's excellent Dragon Apocalypse trilogy is now available as a DRM-free download available direct from our webshop. To celebrate, the members of the Solaris team have been reminiscing about their favourite dragons from literature, comics, and film. 

Next up is publishing manager Ben Smith...

No one really thinks Sláine The Horned God is about dragons. Which is fair, because it isn’t. A previous book in Pat Mills Celtic barbarian series for 2000 AD had dealt with dragons, with one character working on a dragon farm. But as Sláine, a warrior exiled from his tribe, returns after years spent wandering and becomes the High King of Tir Nan Og, part of his quest sees him take to the back of a dragon, called The Knuckler, to cross the land in hours rather than the months of his past journeys. I can’t speak for others, but as a boy it was natural to love dragons and want to ride on one, so I was jealous of Sláine. But what really stuck in my mind – across twenty-five years was a question that I have never been able to answer. Where the hell are the Knuckler’s feet? Simon Bisley, who broke the mould and re-set comics art for a decade with his revolutionary work on Sláine, painted the Knuckler with this awesome bendy tail. But I wanted to know then, and now. How does he stand up?

The Dragon Apocalypse is one of my favourite things that Solaris has ever published, and it’s not for the Dragon’s either. Don’t get me wrong, Maxeys’ invention of the Primal Dragons – where the world is defined by these elemental forces which the dragons both embody  and control –  is an incredible one, but it falls long short of his major achievement in the series. The heart of these books is in the cast of characters, and just like Sláine, in the inestimable romp that Maxey takes you on as you follow their quests. You may pick up The Dragon Apocalypse for the big beasts, but you’ll stay for people.

And if anyone can tell me how The Knuckler stands up I would be extremely grateful.

The three books of James Maxey's Dragon Apocalypse trilogy - GreatshadowHush, and Witchbreaker - are available as individual ebooks or as an omnibus from the Rebellion store right now.

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