Recollecting the launch of The Recollection...

Bristol on a late summer’s night. Steam drifted from the doorways of the busy bars and the Wills Tower soared high above the Triangle in Clifton. A place known for its nightlife, a place known for its past: the place to launch The Recollection.

Gareth Powell’s time-travelling space opera was always bound to cause a stir amongst the high-life and literary crowd in the city that launched the ship that discovered North America (ref. John Cabot) and gave the world Trip Hop.

At 6pm the crowds were gathering among the bookstacks at Forbidden Planet. Then Powell, a very approachable man with a far-seeing look in his eye, took to the floor and conversation stopped as he read the opening passages of his novel. Despite this being his debut novel from a mainstream publisher Gareth sold only a whisker’s fewer books than Iain Banks in the same venue.

Supported by the active Bristol SF community and new readers Gareth signed for queue of fans before celebrating the launch at the bar conveniently found next door. Already booked for the Bristol SF convention Bristol-con Gareth is sure to be in demand on the convention scene as one of the most talented up and coming authors on the British SF scene.

That night’s lucky readers with their signed first editions should make sure they keep tight hold of those for the future.

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