Online Reviews:

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review reviews Redlaw
, gives it nine and a quarter out of ten, and hopes that this could be the start of a series... reviews Sympathy for the Devil. Dark, suspenseful, with plenty of surprising twists, the story was completely engaging and hard to put down. And the characters are complex and gritty. Gustainis never fails to entertain.

The Fantasy Book Review has reviewed Juliet E. McKenna's Dangerous Waters. reviewer, mark, says he not only now understands Juliet's place within 'the pantheon' of British fantasy authors, but is planning the read her earlier novels. As a reader we are stretched as taut as a bowstring... our frustration building until, at the last, the world McKenna has corralled us into explodes in a maelstrom of violence that is merely the tinder spark for what must come in the next books...

Pornokitsch reviews Nicholas Royle's Regicide, (insists on being read through to the final page, with every paragraph serving as another turn in the maze....) as does Gavin C. Pugh of (It’s not often that books affect me after reading them but this one lingers, especially when you start asking how unhinged Carl actually is and when you first started to notice...). Gavin is also running a Regicide giveaway, ending 2nd September, so get over there and enter if you want to bag yourself a copy....


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