Influences & Inspirations: Eric Brown

Earlier this year, Solaris published The Kings of Eternity - a book that took author Eric Brown ten years to complete. Vast in scope but emotionally powerful, The Kings of Eternity has been one of our stand-out titles this year and something we really do recommend you pick up.

With the book being such a significant personal undertaking for Eric, it's interesting to read about his influences and inspirations in this great post from Civilian Reader, in which he discusses his earliest experiences of reading...

"I came upon the works of H.G. Wells and Robert Silverberg at the same time, and if I’d found Christie revelatory, then you can imagine what these writers did to my head. I read all Wells’s scientific romances (and was bitterly disappointed when I finished them and tried to read his social novels) and began collecting Silverberg. Over the years, the latter was a great influence."


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