Announcing our READ ANYTHING eBook campaign


Ever wanted to read something different but didn’t want the world to judge you by the cover of the book?

Spaceships, wizards, hooded swordsman – we love them all. But it’s not the cover, it’s the insides that matter. So, Solaris and Abaddon books are here to tell you that you can READ ANYTHING.

The revolution in eReaders gives you, the reader, the freedom to read whatever you want – fantasy, science-fiction, horror, urban fantasy, Steampunk, historical action, ANYTHING. They’re perfect to explore genre fiction you never knew even existed!

The READ ANYTHING campaign from Solaris and Abaddon Books aims to do away with judging a book, or rather its reader, by its cover. At last, content shall be king with whole new worlds of genre publishing opening up to readers.

Solaris and Abaddon Books are two of the freshest genre publishers in the UK today, producing books that transcend lazy genre clichés. Explore the Steampunk world of Pax Britannia on your iPad, the terrifying sink estate of The Concrete Grove on your Kindle, or soaring SF epics such as The Recollection and The Kings of Eternity.

Solaris and Abaddon don’t just release eBooks – we want to provide new and exciting material for readers. Both imprints will:
• publish every new book as an eBook on multiple platforms on the same day as it sees prints
• publish the first chapter of every new book online, for free, ahead of publication
• publish selected future titles exclusively as eBooks
• introduce new ways to share eBooks with your friends and family.

“The world of genre fiction is as rich and rewarding as anything produced by the publishers of ‘literature’,” says Jonathan Oliver, editor-in-chief of both Solaris and Abaddon Books. “At Solaris and Abaddon we are committed to providing great fiction in a format to suit the reader. Now with the READ ANYTHING campaign you can jump into the world of genre without worrying what your fellow commuters will think.”



LauraF said...

I agree with the concept - read anything. Reading enriches the mind and the soul. However, I've never been worried about someone "judging" me based on my reading material. In fact, I've met and have conversations with some people that I don't think I ever would have had any contact with based on their curiosity about whatever book I happened to be reading at the time. They see the book cover, it's different from the "norm" and a conversation emerges. I've even had some people go - hmmm, didn't realize science fiction/fantasy/paranormal books were that complex. I thought it was all knights and dragons and fairies.

Paul Weimer said...

Is the problem of people being judged for reading genre fiction still that large of a barrier to people reading it?

Simon said...

I think, to be honest, it's more a problem of perception- as Laura says, people tend to assume all fantasy is knights and dragons and fairies- or that horror is all sparkly vampires/ torture porn, SF is all laser battles in space and killer robots, and so on and so forth. If people give themselves the chance to read what's best in a given genre, they're often surprised with how much they find to like. But a lot of people sadly don't give themselves that chance.