Eric Brown interviewed

After looking at his inspirations and influences, Civilian Reader is continuing its chat with Solaris author Eric Brown. As well as discussing his new project for our sister imprint, Abaddon, Eric discusses life as a writer and what makes him get to his writing desk every day.

"Writing is really the only full-time job I’ve ever done, at least from the age of twenty-two. Of course in the early years I wasn’t paid for doing it, but I worked on the assumption that if I worked hard I’d get better and eventually find a publisher. It took a lot longer than I thought it would – I had a lot of rubbish to get out of my system before I learned how to tell a tale. Working within the publishing industry? Well, it’s got to be done. I’ve had horrible experiences in publishing, which I’d rather not talk about, and some wonderful ones. I’m having the latter now with my current publisher Solaris, who are a great bunch to work with."

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