Natasha Rhodes Interview And Giveaway

Natasha Rhodes is interviewed over at the Marta Acosta blog, and there's also an opportunity to win copies of her latest novel Last Angel.

MARTA: Kayla is dating a dead guy named Dante. Is dating a dead guy one of the circles of hell? Does dating a dead guy have an upside?

NATASHA: I don’t think dating a dead guy has an upside (apart from never having to put the toilet seat down again), but circles of hell certainly come into the picture when it comes to being separated from the one you love. If you’ve ever been in love, you’ll know that even a day apart can be sheer torture, which is what makes Karrel Dante’s ‘punishment’ for his sins so cruel – he’s condemned to come back as a ghost, which means that although he gets to see his true love Kayla every day, he will never be able to touch her or hold her, ever again. That, to me, represents true hell

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