David Louis Edelman Interview

Just to update from yesterday's post, there's also an interview with David over at SFF World.

"For readers who may not have had a chance to read Infoquake (and shame on them, since Solaris just published the mass market paperback), what would you say to hook them into reading that or MultiReal?

I’ve actually got a number of nice Hollywood-style hooks to use for the books. My original tagline for Infoquake was “Dune meets The Wall Street Journal.” Then Barnes & Noble Explorations came up with “the love child of Donald Trump and Vernor Vinge.” Now Peter Watts has called MultiReal “a thoroughly-successful hybrid of Neuromancer and Wall Street,” and Fantasy Book Critic has called it “The Matrix meets Boston Legal.” If none of those taglines intrigue you, then I’d say you should buy the books for the shiny cover art by Stephan Martiniere."

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