Artist Stephan Martiniere Interviewed

We do love Mr Martiniere, and this fine artist, guilty of cover goodness for a couple of our titles, Blue War and Infoquake, has been interviewed in a podcast over at Sidebar, a comics, art and pop culture website.

...the accolades he's received from industry peers is absolutely real. Spectrum, Hugo, Thea, Chesley and many others have all honored Martiniere over the years with awards for his artistic excellence. They all know he's the mack man. And we do too, for that matter! That's why we shot him an email asking him to slum a bit by coming on the show for an interview. He accepted the invitation saying something about "never having done a podcast before and it might be fun."

The conversation with him covers much, but just like the intro to this text, not everything. Dwight and I thought we had the best chance of not embarrassing ourselves by keeping it simple. So we got some stories from Stephan's art school days, a little concept design and illustration talk in there, nerded out on video games for a minute, and ended it with the good stuff. What is the good stuff, you ask? Hmm..? Well, you'll have to tune in and find out, now won't you?

I must add that the dude's cityscapes are incredible, and offer that sensawunda effect that perfectly compliments science fiction. Check out his website for more goodness.

Via SF Signal.

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