The second book in David Louis Edelman's Jump 225 series, Multireal, has received a great write-up at Sci Fi Weekly. An "A", no less.

"In this book's predecessor, Infoquake (2006), we were introduced to a stunningly different, highly complex future scenario. More than 400 years from now, human civilization has quite expectedly been through a lot. We experienced the Autonomous Revolt, when artificial minds caused the deaths of billions. There followed various economic, societal and environmental contortions and upheavals and reconfigurings, resulting in a completely novel way of life. And now, thanks to the hard work of millions of individuals—both anonymous and famous—the Earth and its off-planet settlements are home to 60 billion people, nearly all of whom spend a good portion of their lives in the multi."

Multireal is published in trade paperback by our spiritual American cousins, Pyr, whilst the first title, Infoquake, is released this month in mass market by us! Check out David's blog for more news of what he's up to.

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