Free Ebook! The Wizard's Coming...

‘Captain!’ Hosh’s shriek startled everyone. Up on the cliff edge, he was hopping from foot to foot, pointing out towards the distant horizon. ‘The wizard! The wizard’s coming!’

...and what's more, he's free.

That's right! Those of you who are especially loyal readers and have been picking up your lovely Solaris treats since right back in the beginning will know that the profoundly talented and many-hatted Juliet E. McKenna, author of the upcoming The Hadrumal Crisis trilogy, wrote a story, "The Wizard's Coming," for our anthology The Solaris Book of New Fantasy, way back in 2007.

What you may not have known is that the story actually serves as a kind of "prequel" for The Hadrumal Crisis, introducing some of the characters and revealing some of the events leading up to the first book, Dangerous Waters, which is hitting the shelves in August!

(It also, for really dedicated fans, ties in to her previous trilogy, The Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution...)

And, of course, it's a great story in its own right.

What's more, we're just plain ol' giving it away, right now! So you can have a read, and whet your appetite for when this baby hits the shelves in a few weeks. We got it in .epub, .mobi and even in good old-fashioned .pdf for those who don't get into the ebook thing so much.




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