Out Soon: Sympathy for the Devil

Hey there!

So we're terribly excited about the third Morris and Chastain Investigation, Sympathy for the Devil (there's Chris McGrath's moody noir cover, above), which is due to hit the shelves at the end of July in the States and in early August over here.

And what's not to be excited about? It's a bit sexy, a bit horrific, a bit urban, a bit fantasy, and all-round pretty damned exciting. This time we see occult investigator Quincey Morris (the direct descendent of the very Quincey Morris who helped Van Helsing and Harker dispatch Dracula, natch) and his white-witch associate Libby Chastain get embroiled in the seamy world of politics, as they attempt to prevent the demon-possessed Senator Howard Stark from reaching the highest office in the land and ushering in the Apocalypse.

Gustainis has even been so kind as to produce a trailer for the book, which you can watch right here:

Which is all pretty cool. So keep your eyes on the bookshelves, and remember to cast your vote with care in the coming election...

UPDATE: Solaris Books would like to formally retract and whole-heartedly apologise for our previous statements regarding Howard Stark. Senator Stark is justly proud of his public profile, both as an upstanding member of the community and as a champion of traditional values, and there is no truth whatsoever to the rumours that he trafficks with or is possessed by demons or any demonic entities. Solaris Books would like to go on to wish Senator Stark the best of luck with his electoral campaign.


Anonymous said...

I see the Stark lies-machine has got to Solaris.

The truth wants to be free! Stark must not be allowed to get into the Oval Office!


Anonymous said...

Pretty brave, hiding behind anonymity. Why not come out in public and make your slanderous insinuations? Stark's the best thing ever happened to this country.

- Geoffrey Thomas, StarkforPrez2012

Anonymous said...

Senator Howard Stark is the greatest threat that America, and the world, has ever faced. If he ever takes office, it will mean the end of us all.

I'm going to stop him. Somehow.

Quincey Morris

Anonymous said...

As a white witch, I'm not allowed to use magic to harm someone. But if it were permitted, I'd turn Senator Stark into a toad, then squash him. Otherwise he's going to squash us -- every one of us.

- Elizabeth "Libby" Chastain

Anonymous said...


-Sargatanas, Demon of the Second Rank

Anonymous said...

It's getting a bit hot around here...


Anonymous said...

Howard Stark is leading America toward its destiny! And G_d help anybody who gets in the way.