We're going ebook crazy - our latest e-exclusives plus a completely FREE ebook!

We love ebooks at Solaris.

Well, we've gone digital gaga this week - to the point where not only have we published two EXCLUSIVE ebooks based in two of our most popular series, but we're also offering up an exclusive ebook ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Play With Fire by Justin Gustainis and The King’s Man by Rowena Cory Daniells are two fantastic e-novellas that are available now through Amazon and the Rebellion store. The former is part of the Morris & Chastain Investigations series about paranormal investigators while The King’s Man takes place in the world of Daniells's King Rolen's Kin, our best-selling fantasy series.

And that's not all ...

The Faceless was published earlier this year, with author Simon Bestwick creating a terrifying novel set in the north of England and revolving around a long-abandoned hospital. It's a sinister and unsettling book, which really doesn't do wonders for our PR guy's hospital phobia.

Simon has now returned to the world of The Faceless with his e-novella, Let's Drink To The Dead - which we are now offering to the world ABSOLUTELY FREE in epub and mobi formats. That's right, it's 100% gratis, free, no-charge! Delve into Simon's disturbing world for nowt. Can't say fairer than that, can we?

And for the others, here are the details:

Morris & Chastain Investigations: Play With Fire
by Justin Gustainis
Also available through the Rebellion ebook store.
£3.49 (UK)  $3.99 (US)

The King’s Man
by Rowena Cory Daniells
Also available through the Rebellion ebook store.
£3.49 (UK)  $3.99 (US)

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