Here Comes Babylon, Here Comes Babylon... right up Red Lantern Lane

It’s festive, it’s fun, it’s … the Solaris Twelve Days of Christmas? That’s right, over the next dozen days we’ll be highlighting the best of the year from Solaris to give you the perfect Christmas gift ideas for the SF/fantasy/horror fan in your life.

On the first day of Christmas, Solaris gave to me... one hot and bothered brothel, with elves and S&M to boot. The Red Lantern may be the best in the city, but it still needs to pay its rent. When girls start to go missing and the high-and-mighty start protesting, Babylon Steel doesn’t depend on Santa Claus coming up her lane – no, as an ex-sword-for-hire she’s her own Christmas miracle. But taking up a job from her retired trade, brings on a lot more dangerous complications. Don’t wait for Santa Claus to deliver this fresh and exciting new author to your doorstep, take a hint from Babylon and grab it yourself!

Babylon Steel | Gaie Sebold
£7.99, ISBN: 978-1-907992-37-7

A fresh, funny take on fantasy!

Babylon Steel, ex-sword-for-hire, ex… other things, runs The Red lantern, the best brothel in the city. She’s got elves using sex magic upstairs, S&M in the basement and a large green troll cooking breakfast in the kitchen. She’d love you to visit, except...

She’s not having a good week. The Vessels of Purity are protesting against brothels, girls are disappearing, and if she can’t pay her taxes, Babylon’s going to lose the Lantern. She’d given up the mercenary life, but when the mysterious Darask Fain pays her to find a missing heiress, she has to take the job. And then her past starts to catch up with her in other, more dangerous ways.

Witty and fresh, Sebold delivers the most exciting fantasy debut in years.

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