The Big Reveal: the final cover to Age of Voodoo

Having graced the New York Times bestseller list, James Lovegrove's Pantheon series is a collection of military SF titles that make for cracking reads. And he's not finished yet.

Behold, mere mortals - the cover to Age of Voodoo! Marek Okon is the talented individual behind all the covers for the series and he's knocked it out of the park, yet again!

Due for release at the end of February, this is just the latest in the series that includes Age of Zeus, Age of Odin, Age of Ra, and Age of Aztec.

Lex Dove thought he was done with the killing game. A retired British wetwork specialist, he’s living the quiet life in the Caribbean, minding his own business. Then a call comes, with one last mission: to lead an American black ops team into a disused Cold War bunker on a remote island near his adopted home. The money’s good, which means the risks are high.

Dove doesn’t discover just how high until he and his team are a hundred feet below ground, facing the horrific fruits of an experiment blending science and voodoo witchcraft. As if barely human monsters weren’t bad enough, a clock is ticking. Deep in the bowels of the earth, a god is waiting. And His anger, if roused, will be fearsome indeed.

"One of the SF scene’s most interesting, challenging and adventurous authors."
Saxon Bullock, SFX Magazine on The Age of Ra

"Lovegrove is vigorously carving out a godpunk subgenre – rebellious underdog humans battling an outmoded belief system. Guns help a bit, but the real weapon is free will."
Pornokitsch on The Age of Odin

"5 out of 5. I found myself unable to put it down, and plan to reread it soon."
Geek Syndicate on Age of Aztec

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