It's going to be a White Christmas... you can tell by those Darkening Skies

On the second day of Christmas, Solaris gave to me... that gathering of a furious storm, between mages, men and warlords. With secrets thickening the atmosphere, the Darkening Skies cast the fate of magic. But then with a blast of power, the advantage changes hands and there is no room for respite when the gathering clouds above Defiant Peaks come to head. So define your own White Christmas with a Crisis that’s much more exciting than the dull pace of your calmly falling snow.

£7.99, ISBN: 978-1-907992-76-6

The second book of a stunning trilogy.

In Halferan, Captain Corrain is hailed as a hero; but he knows all praise would turn to anger if the Caladhrians knew the truth. The wizard who supposedly saved them has merely claimed the corsair island for his own, and no one knows what his next move will be.

Corrain has good reason to fear the worst, as he confides in Lady Zurenne; he knows he can trust her, now that still more perilous secrets bind them together. This disastrous turn of events cannot be concealed from Hadrumal’s mages. Surely the Archmage will enforce his authority by crushing this upstart mage?

Unless the Aldabreshin warlords act first. Will they be content to drive this solitary wizard out of the Archipelago, or has the time come for them to destroy all magic?

£7.99, ISBN: 978-178108-057-3

The incredible final book of the thrilling trilogy.

Archmage Planir and the wizards of Hadrumal have demonstrated their devastating powers and the corsair threat is no more. The mainland rulers’ relief is overshadowed with fear of one day facing such a threat to their own dominion. Will Tormalin’s Emperor make an alliance with Solura’s wizards, who so openly covet Hadrumal’s secrets? Will he seek out that other mysterious magic, Artifice, to counter Planir’s magecraft? How will the aloof Aetheric adepts of the mountains answer such an appeal?

With many of the Wizard Council disputing Planir’s chosen course, he must look beyond the island city for allies. to Suthyfer, the controversial haven for mageborn far away in the Eastern Ocean. To Caladhria, where Corrain, Baron Halferan and Lady Zurenne believe they have finally won respite from all their trials. But absence of strife is hardly peace. The lull before winter’s storms descend from the distant northern peaks will be a short one.

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