Solaris is going to BristolCon this weekend!

The Solaris boys are off to Bristol this weekend for BristolCon where they'll be mixing with the cream of the British SF/fantasy community...

Taking place on October 20th at the Ramada Hotel in Bristol, we're particularly looking forward to it as an author of ours is one of the show's Guests of Honour - Gareth L. Powell.

We published his stunning The Recollection last year and it's great to see him honoured like this. Here's a couple of quotes to explain why:

“If you read only one space opera this year, it’s got to be The Recollection.” 
The Guardian

“A bid to join the big leagues, with big themes and a big setting.”
Locus on The Recollection

Other Solaris names on the bill include:
Juliet E McKenna (Hadrumal Crisis)
Guy Haley (Champion of Mars)
Ian Whates (The Noise Within)
Lou Morgan (Blood and Feathers)
Ben Jeapes (Phoenicia’s Worlds - out next year).

Other significant guests have been contributors to our Solaris Rising and Solaris Rising 1.5 anthologies, including Alastair Reynolds, Jaine Fenn and Kim Lakin-Smith!

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