Gideon's Angel: Cover Preview!

1653: Two plots to kill Cromwell.
One to restore the King.
The other to set the Devil on the throne.

Sounds pretty cool? I hope so. I'm seriously looking forward to reading this, and if you aren't... well, I'm not saying it'll seriously impact our friendship or anything; we've been through times, right? You can't just undo that. We're tight. But... it might make things weird between us. Just for a bit. It might take time. You know how it is.

It's the tag-line to our new historical-fantasy novel, Clifford Beal's satanic gunpowder-and-magic yarn, Gideon's Angel. Y'know, like, roundheads, cavaliers, and worshippers of the Dark Lord.

At any rate, we've chosen an amazing design-led cover for the UK, which has been created by our talented and dedicated new designer, Sam Howle.

And now I'm showing you a sneak preview, because we're like that, you and I. This is the sort of thing we do for each other.

It's a good cover. I like this cover. I think you'll like this cover.

Welcome aboard again, Sam. And thank you! This is a good cover.


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