Right, time for some reviews.

What, thought I'd do some kind of comic introduction? What sort of person do you think I am? I am a blogging professional. I'm 100% business, me. Bam! I blog that shiz, right there.


Right, so Theresa Derwin at Terror Tree has had some very nice things to say about Ben Macallan's Desdaemona, whose mix of dry wit and ass-kicking has clearly appealed to her.

I have no doubt that there will be a follow up to this novel. Apart from plenty of shocks and incredibly strong main characters in both Jordan and Desi, sharp humour abounds in this book and brings it to a whole new dimension of Urban Fantasy. Witty, intelligent and fast-paced, Desdaemona is positively the most fun read I have had in a very long time.

And Graeme at Graeme's Fantasy Book Reviews has been equally pleased with Gary McMahon's The Concrete Grove, which slightly foiled his plans of a week of "comfort reads."

It goes without saying that if you are squeamish at all then this is probably a book that you should avoid. McMahon doesn’t pull his punches at all and this shows us all too well that perhaps the true horror in this piece lies in just what us humans can be capable of if we want something enough. It’s not pretty... It’s a vicious read with a delicate beauty about it; if you like your horror fiction then I don’t see any reason why you won’t get a lot out of this.

Finally, Michael Wilson at Read Horror has shared his thoughts on last year's horror anthology, Jonathan Oliver's The End of the Line, which he feels captures not just the atmosphere of the subject matter, but the gamut of the horror medium to boot.

Well worth dipping into, boasting a plethora of original, humorous, and horrific tales. Whilst I have been unable to detail the entire magnificence of the roster on show, The End of The Line comes fully recommended. This collection contains stories that will terrify you with vivid realism, move you, deliver more than a healthy dose of spiritual eeriness and bring you face to face with loss. Both horror and The End of The Line can offer more than jump out of your seat shocks, read this and prepare for enlightenment.




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