Podcast XII

Hi all,

You're probably going to start getting dizzy with all the podcast updates. However will you keep up?

The twelfth podcast, A Pax in Time, Book Nine,* brings Desk Editor David Moore and Marketing Intern Colm Bannon in Close Contact with Abaddon Author Jonathan Green.

Jon's here to talk about the steampunk Pax Britannia universe, the recent release of the Ulysses Quicksilver Short Story Collection, about ebooks and Fighting Fantasy, and about the intriguing upcoming "audience participation" project Pax Britannia: Time's Arrow, in which the story will be told in several installments in ebook form and readers will be given the chance to vote on the direction of each new installment.

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*In fact, Time's Arrow is book eight. And if your mother had been obliging enough to tell you that "a stitch in time saves eight," we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. So I think we can take a good long look at her before we start pointing fingers, hmm?

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