We're off to the SFX Weekender!

Hey yo,

So we're all heading to the SFX Weekender shortly, which is pretty sexy.

We're looking forward to seeing some of you, to selling some of you books, to socialising and networking, and of course to being bought drinks by captivated, adoring readers and/or people keen to try and pitch us their books.

Okay, that may not be realistic, but it should be a fun weekend nonetheless. Properly looking forward to the karaoke, for one thing.

Anyway, just to remind you of a few events to keep an eye peeled out for:

- Andy Remic, heroic auteur, master swordsman and sexual commando, will be launching his latest Combat-K book, Cloneworld, in the bar at 3pm on Friday. Keep in mind you'll be able to pick up signed copies (and photo ops with Andy and - he assures us - with Andy's hat) a full month before the book's high-street release date. Be there or be... waiting for a bit longer for an ass-kicking new action SF book.

- New York Times Best Selling author James Lovegrove will be on the main stage at 12.30, where he will be attending a panel called "TV With Bite: How would you pitch a vampire TV show that does something different?" which sounds like it'll be a blast.

- And without even having a chance to draw breath, we're then whisking New York Times Best Selling author James Lovegrove to the bar at 13.15 to meet fans, sign books, have a drink and chat about his latest addition to the Pantheon series, The Age of Odin, as well as upcoming projects like this summer's vampire/cop-drama Redlaw and his recently announced fourth Pantheon book The Age of Aztech.

And, of course, Jenni and I - and Ben, for some of the time - will be running the stall, and freely available for chats and stuff, and we shall be vlogging, blogging and tweeting as much as we can. All in all, a bit of alright.

Look forward to seeing you there!


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