Waterstones loves Solaris!

Our Account Manager Ben Smith went for a wander in London last Friday, and took these lovely snaps for us in Waterstones' flagship branch in Piccadilly.

A spaceship manned by humans crashlanding on an alien world is fairly unoriginal, but that world being linked to hundreds of others by a coil-shaped river-like sea is not. But is this a natural system or created? And if the latter, by whom?

A quote on the cover from Peter F. Hamilton? That's never a bad sign. ENGINEMAN is an old book getting a re-release, but even so Brown's knack of memorable characters is as prevalent as ever. A great, underpushed author.

They recommended two Eric Brown books - Helix and Engineman - and Rowena Cory Daniells's King Rolen's Kin trilogy.

One of the most well-received fantasy series of recent years. if you like shady goings-on, sibling rivalries, murder and wall-to-wall sword-based shenanigans start this series today.


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