Conrad Williams on Loss of Sep and COMPETITION!

Wotcher all,

Mr. Conrad Williams, whose remarkable book Loss of Separation is even now being printed, has been on his blog, blogging.

Scroll back a bit - assuming you don't already regularly read, which I daresay you do - to see posts on draft revisions, chapter breakdowns and his thoughts about the book and the life of a writer, along with little sample snippets from the book, other short bits of prose (including a deeply unsettling description of some kind of air disaster), and links to interviews about his work.

And then read his thrilling announcement of an impending competition, to win a signed copy of Loss and a signed picture of Flight Z. Full details of the comp will go up on release date, the 3rd March.

While you're at it, read Jon Oliver's interview with Conrad here on the Solaris blog.



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