James Lovegrove's Age of Odin is a New York Times Best Seller!

Hey all,

Well, this is pretty big news. James Lovegrove's ass-kicking third instalment in the Pantheon series, The Age of Odin, has made it onto the New York Times Best Seller List, coming 33rd on the list for Mass Market Paperback Fiction for the week ending 16th January (published in the New York Times Book Review on the 30th of January).

If you're wondering how big a deal that is, rest assured it's big. You know when you get an A for a test and bring it home and your mum puts it in pride of place near the top of the fridge with a magnet? Well, James's mum is going to need a bigger fridge. One of those big man-high two-door ones might be able to hold this, if it's, like, the only thing on it.

Sorry, I went somewhere odd, there.

It's both Lovegrove's and Solaris's first appearance on the list - we're sure there will be hundreds more - and we're all doing silly little dances on our office chairs right now (well, me and Ben have been; apparently, Jenni and Jon have too much gravitas). Lovegrove was absolutely blown away, reporting that his "flabber was truly gasted" by the news, and has promised to write another two Pantheon books.

Anyway, read Solaris's official Press Release (warning: PDF) for the full details.



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