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Right, some reviewery.

Niall Alexander at the Speculative Scotsman simply loves the new edition of Eric Brown's Engineman:

Engineman is an elegy of addiction, at its core, a lyrical and indelibly persuasive fable of one man's hunger for something greater, something more. And it is that rare - not to mention precious - thing in science fiction: a cracking good story over and above an account of awesome future tech.

Liviu at the Fantasy Book Critic site is similarly effusive about Paul Kearney's Corvus:

A page turner that will keep you hooked until the end... we somehow want both sides to win. Corvus (A+) delivered what I expected of it with brio and reinforced the standing of Paul Kearney as a master of military fantasy.

Brian Sammons, of the Innsmouth Free Press, has offered up a review of Ellen Datlow's multiple-award-winning Poe as part of Poe Week:

Poe-heads rejoice! Poe is usually used as a starting-off point, a place to give some Poe flavor or theme, but then the stories usually go off on their merry way in a wide range of directions... consider this one highly recommended by me.


Please do go and read the reviews and give these kids your love.



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