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Right, this gets a separate post because there are so damn many The End of the Line reviews, they'd drown out all the others.

Check em out:

Don D'Amassa has offered up a short but sweet review:

A couple of my favorite horror novels have involved subways and I even enjoyed the underground sequences in the movie Mimic. The stories involve a variety of unexpected characters and critters lurking therein. Several of them are genuinely creepy and evoke claustrophobic terror.

Paul Simpson at Total Sci-Fi Online has this to say:

There's something for most horror tastes, from the explicitly graphic to the more subtle. More than one story starts in one direction then takes a sharp left into more unusual territory... while some play with familiar tropes from a different genre.

Masco Guslandi at Horror World seems quite pleased with it (apparently, Horror World don't want people quoting their reviews, so I've not included a quote here).

Jason Baki at Kamvision seemed more pleased that not with it:

I love anthologies for the fact that they provide a great opportunity to discover new writers, and to see a different side to those whose work I already enjoy. This collection has a great premise and it's really interesting to see how the authors have interpreted it... The end of the line? I suspect this is just the beginning for an exciting new collection of themed horror anthologies from publisher Solaris.

SFX Magazine's January issue (#203) is going to include a four-and-a-half star review by Jes Bickham:

The End of the Line is a pleasingly atmospheric anthology, one that fans of original horror will find studded with darkly glittering jewels.

And we gather Lisa Tuttle is going to include a review in The Times, sometime in the next few Saturdays. We haven't seen the review yet, but she seems to like it; says she expects it to appear in a host of "best anthology of the year" lists...

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