KRK Reviews and Kindle links

We love to hear from our fans overseas, and it seems we've got a big fan in Robert W. Berg, a writer and reviewer from New York City who blogs at

Here's the full set of his reviews for Rowena Cory Daniells' King Rolen's Kin trilogy, Books One, Two and Three.

And these reviews co-incide nicely with an announcement I wanted to make - that after a slight delay with Amazon, all three of Rowena Cory Daniell's much-praised KRK trilogy are now available on the Kindle, both on and on!

The King's Bastard - Kindle US Kindle UK
The Uncrowned King- Kindle US Kindle UK
The Usurper - Kindle US Kindle UK



KT said...

This post is sadly inaccurate -- I was told the whole trilogy was available for Kindle US and so decided to start reading, only to find out that the final book The Usurper is NOT currently available for Kindle US, only Kindle UK. Why not? It's already been released in paperback version and it's clear you already have the ebook version coded up.

Hoping to hear that you will release it soon so I can finish this otherwise wonderful series.

Jenni Hill said...

Hi KT, I wish you had left an e-mail address so that I could contact you!

The Amazon US link for the Usurper is here and it is also in this post you've commented on -

All the best, glad you are enjoying the books

KT said...

Sorry, Blogger doesn't let me leave an email that wouldn't be picked up by spam bots or search engine spiders.

I did follow that link and double-checked it several times over the last few days before finally posting here. The link you posted is the same, and doesn't work.

In the top right-hand corner where you normally can click "Buy" from Amazon it clearly says "This title is not available for customers in the United States." I am definitely on the US Amazon site and didn't accidentally wander over to The Usurper also does not show up when I browse for Rowena Cory Daniells on my US Kindle...only the first two show up.

I double-checked the print edition as well. That is available for purchase, but there is no U.S. Kindle link from there either. So Amazon clearly thinks this book isn't available in the US in Kindle form.

Just wanted you to know. I finished the first two over the weekend, enjoyed them very much, and was hoping to start the third, but I guess I have a bit of a wait until it goes up for Kindle again.

Jenni Hill said...

Ah! I'm sorry KT, we're looking at the site from the UK so we couldn't see that.

We've contacted about it, hopefully they'll get back to us soon.

Jenni Hill said...

Hi KT, The Usurper is actually available through Amazon now, after much hassling from us! Hope you get this message.