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I love all my children equally, of course, but you have probably noticed how excited I am about Paul Kearney's upcoming Corvus. A sequal to his 2008 release The Ten Thousand, it totally works as a stand-alone book and is one of the books I've most enjoyed working on this year. You gotta read this.

At any rate, the first couple of reviews are trickling in, and I thought I'd share them with you.

The highly demanding Angus Bickerton over at Fantasy Literature has given the book four stars out of five, and comments:

Kearney pulls no punches in his descriptions of battles, and he does it better than anyone... I feel like I am in a blimp overlooking a football game, as I can see, in my mind’s eye, everything. No writer I know of has done it with Kearney’s skill, and he demonstrates so very well the horror and futility of war...

A very good read, and Kearney has once again demonstrated that he is criminally under-read.

Meanwhile, Adam Whitehead, writing for The Wertzone, has gone the whole hog and given Paul five stars out of five, and observes:

Previously Kearney has been compared a lot to Gemmell for his depiction of warfare but also his commentary on glory, honour and heroism, but there has always been a hint of Guy Gavriel Kay (or possibly early Steven Erikson) in his work, particularly his use of tragedy and the mining of characters' emotions to deliver powerful climaxes. Corvus delves into this side of his writing more deeply than before, delivering several painful gut-punches late in the book which take precedence over the, as usual, excellently-depicted battles and sieges...

A strong contender for the best epic fantasy work of 2010.

Corvus is scheduled for an October 26 release, but there have already seen sightings at high street shops, so be sure and badger your friendly local bookshop keeper about it today.

And that free chapter again, for those who are anxious to read and can't wait another week:



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