Outre Anthologies!

Wotcher all,

In a moment's distraction this morning I put the following request out in Twitterland:

Right, let's hear outre ideas for an anthology. #outreanthology

I gave a couple of examples as well:

Heartbeet, a collection of short stories about beets and beet-farmers.
Giraffe City, a noir anthology of crime stories told in Giraffe City, the fictional city built for giraffes, by giraffes, from giraffes.

And we got some replies. Thought I'd share them with you. Some of them are funny, some of them are silly, some of them could even be interesting books.

Bloodfeast, a collection of stories about black pudding (ian_sales)
The Wax Museum, an fantasy anthology where wax figures have their own world and the relationships between them. (MihaiDarkWolf)
Stories about ants. (David_Heb)
Ponytale, an anthology about girls with hangups about horse riding ;-) (pattyjansen)
Typing Pool, a collection of stories about underwater stenographers. (ian_sales)
The Moon is Made of Cheese, an anthology of recipe-based SF stories. (KaaronWarren)
Unhappily Ever After, an anthology of stories with unhappy endings. But if that's too obvious, ...And Everybody Died. The End. might be fun. (davedevereux)
x = y+1, an anthology of stories told entirely in mathematical notation. (David_Heb)
How about a follow up to Shine called Dim, an anthology of pessimistic SF? (markchitty)
A collection of stories about drunken Norse gods putting on a musical. High Skol Musical. (warpcoresf)
Sultanas of Araby, a collection stories about raisins from the Middle East. (ian_sales)
Hard Drives, a collection of stories about trips in cars with flat tyres, (ian_sales)
Out of the Frying Pan, a collection of stories about grease spatters on the cooker top (ian_sales)

If you have any ideas, comment or chuck them up on twitter with the tag.




David Moore said...

I'm trying to figure out which is my favourite. It's actually quite tricky. Although an anthology just called "anthology," about ants, appeals.

Anonymous said...

I would love to read an anthology of fantastic philosophies or alien metaphysics.

Fabien Lyraud said...

SF stories by fantasy writers.

Fantasy stories by sf writers.

Cool ideas

Justin Gustainis said...

MURDER, BY SWEET. Mystery stories in which the murder weapon is always some form of candy. "The Kandy Kane Killings" would be a good lead-off story.
I HAVE NO MOUTH, AND I *REALLY* MUST... SF stories about robots with OCD.
INCREDIBLY, AWFULLY DANGEROUS VISIONS. The final anthology edited by Harlan Ellison.
DOES THIS CAPE MAKE MY ASS LOOK FAT? Stories about bloodsucking BBWs.
DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? Collection of stories about Peeping Toms.
MY MUMMY, MY SELF. Egyptian revenants with identity issues.