Eric Brown's Engineman

This is the so-far unseen cover for Eric Brown's Engineman. I've just sent the novel to print today, and it should be out in shops in the US, Canada and the UK at the end of September.

Here's the blurb:-

Once the Enginemen pushed bigships through the cobalt glory of the nada-continuum. But faster than light isn’t fast enough anymore. The interfaces of the Keilor-Vincicoff Organisation bring planets light years distant a simple step away. Then a man with half a face offers ex-Engineman Ralph Mirren the chance to escape his ruined life and push a ship to an undisclosed destination. The nada-continuum holds the key to Ralph’s future. What he cannot anticipate is its universal importance – nor the mystery awaiting him on the distant colony world.
Engineman is a thrilling action adventure by the author of Helix and K├ęthani. Also in this volume are nine stories set in the Engineman universe, including the Interzone award-winning ‘The Time-Lapsed Man.’

“Eric Brown is the name to watch in SF.”
Peter F. Hamilton


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Anonymous said...

That's a great cover. I like this one better than the purple one.