King Rolen's Kin - enjoyed by Aussies and eBook readers alike!

Rowena just e-mailed us to say that her King Rolen's Kin trilogy is doing really well in Austrailia! It's number nine on the bestseller list in Sydney's premier speculative fiction bookstore, Galaxy Bookshop (think Forbidden Planet, just hotter 'cause they're in Austrailia).

Galaxy, obviously fans of Rowena's previous fantasy trilogy, The Last T'En, blogged about Rowena's new series last week with the jubilant words "She's back!" Rowena has written a guest post for them, here, and there's also the opportunity to win a copy of The King's Bastard.

There's more good news too - last week I created .epub and .mobi ebooks for several of our titles including Eric Brown's Helix, Necropath, Ian Whate's The Noise Within and all of Rowena's King Rolen's Kin trilogy! They should be out shortly, when the ebook elves have got them online... in the meantime check out great Solaris titles such as James Lovegrove's Age of Ra, Age of Zeus and Jetse de Vries' anthology of optimistic fiction, Shine, which we're already selling as ebooks in online ebook stores such as Amazon Kindle and Waterstones.


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