More Art Teasers for Monarchies of God!

Hey all,

Having just sent Paul Kearney's The Monarchies of God Volume II: Century of the Soldier off to press, I thought I would share with you some of the final sexiness as a taster.

Above are the beautiful covers - helms and weapons lovingly created and rendered by Rebellion's Andrew Evans (this is the sort of stuff he makes for 3D computer games, so it was pretty much right up his street) and background and design by our own Pye Parr - and they're just awesome.

Below are the maps from Volume II. Those of you who looked at the earlier blog post about the maps from Volume I will recognise the first two - although note how the vicissitudes of war have changed some of the names - but see how the map rosette has changed from the Christian-inspired Ramusian symbol from Volume I to the Muslim-inspired Merduk symbol in Volume II.

If you're as stoked as me by these books, rest assured that The Monarchies of God Volume I: Hawkwood and the Kings is due in stores in August, and The Monarchies of God Volume II: Century of the Soldier is due in September.




Jazz said...

Are there going to be ebook versions?

David Moore said...

No definite plans yet, but then we haven't asked Paul. I shouldn't be surprised if he gave it the go-ahead. Watch this space.