Solaris Books On Locus Recommended Reading List

Solaris had three titles featured in the 2008 Locus Recommended Reading list. Congratulations to all involved!

Sideways in Crime, edited by Lou Anders.
Extraordinary Engines, edited by Nick Gevers.
The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction Vol 2, edited by George Mann.


Shining Armor (SBNSF)
Machine Maid (Extraordinary Engines)
Sacrifice (Sideways in Crime)

Short Stories

The Dream Reason (Extraordinary Engines)
Evil Robot Monkey (SBNSF)
The Blood of Peter Francisco (Sideways in Crime)
Fifty Dinosaurs (SBNSF)
Fixing Hanover (Extraordinary Engines)
The Eyes of God (SBNSF)

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Fábio said...

Congratulations!! I´ll be doing a review of Sideways in Crime soon!