Lou Anders on Adam Roberts

Editor Lou Anders has written a very interesting feature for Tor.com on Adam Roberts.

Adam Roberts is one of my favorite science fiction writers going. He is the author of ten science fiction novels and two novellas, all of them brilliant works of epic scope and scale. Adam jumps from hard SF to biting satire, from the ends of time to the decades just ahead. Jon Courtenay Grimwood called him, “the king of high concept SF,” and I couldn’t agree more. He’s also the author of a number of critical works, including the the Palgrave History of Science Fiction. Under the pseudonym A.R.R.R. Roberts he even writes a series of parody novels. (Of the lot, my favorite title is Doctor Whom: E.T. Shoots and Leaves.) DeathRay wrote of him recently that, “You never know exactly what you’re going to get with an Adam Roberts novel, and that’s a strength: each of his books is very different in feel from the last.”

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