Review Round-up

Well, we're back from the fabulous World Fantasy Con in Calgary (great to see those there!) to find a few reviews waiting for us upon return.

First, Extraordinary Engines gets a great write-up at Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews.

“Extraordinary Engines” is a nice foray in the steampunk with interesting stories for those familiar with the sub-genre and for those unfamiliar too.

Lou Anders' Sideways in Crime, is praised at Another Piece of Shooflypie. And even the outside of the book gets talked up:

Before I talk about any of the stories, I need to take a moment to talk about the cover. It has a great design, with the title running along the side (sideways, get it?) and some awesome Bob Eggleton artwork. It's a book I love as an object first and foremost - it pulls you in, makes you to a peek between the covers for what wonders may await you.

Meanwhile, James Maxey has been busy at Grasping For The Wind, with a guest blog post where he announces his mission statement:

James Maxey is committed to delivering to readers aged fifteen and older fast-paced, adventure-driven fiction interwoven with subversive philosophies intended to overthrow the dominant social order and tear down ideas that many people consider sacred

And we've been busy signing up some books, so expect some news items to go up over the coming couple of months!

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