Remic Interviewed

Author of the newly released BIOHELL, Andy Remic, is interviewed over at

"BIOHELL began life with two discrete threads. The first was my distaste at Microsoft’s operating system monopoly and its comedy pricing system; the second was the horror at so many people undergoing vanity surgery, and the subsequent comedy outcomes. This led to the creation of NANOTEK, a massive Quad-Galaxy hardware and software conglomerate, and its market-dominating creation, the Biomod Human Upgrade, a series of nano-robots which can alter the effect of the end-user and improve the product to create Beautiful People. In the novel, this system is then abused to a massive degree by a beauty-junkie population high on the effects of perceived self improvement. Blending the two ideas, I thought it would be fun to explore what happened when this dominating technology went seriously wrong."

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