Worldcon, Denver

Well, Solaris drank the bar dry at another convention, this one being Worldcon in Denver. There are more than enough blogs online concerning the events, and I'm way too jet-lagged to cover them in full. But suffice to say it was a pleasure to meet up with some of our authors and editors. David Louis Edelman (who narrowly missed out on the Campbell Award. Lou Anders, who missed out on the Hugo for best editor, should have also won the best party award for his "Brazyl" bash. Tim Akers who has a book in the pipeline for us, and who is a thoroughly splendid chap. Chris Roberson who apparently has a bit of blood in his alcohol stream, was on fine form.

Also, the lovely Alethea Kontis, who took several of the photos up on our Facebook page, so you can see what we were up to. Alas, Stephen Baxter did not win the Hugo for best short story as featured in the Solaris SF anthology. And congrats to Mary Robinette Kowal (who is in the second SF anthology) who did win the Campbell Award. She wore her tiara well.

I've missed a billion people out probably, but it was great to see everyone. There may be more updates depending on levels of tiredness.


Tim Akers said...

I'm just glad you got your luggage back.

Mark C Newton said...

You're telling me! I've never been so excited to see my dirty laundry.