Review Round-up

Just a couple of reviews of Solaris title from the interwebs. First, John at Grasping for the Wind digs Bitterwood:

I thought the book was great, in the way that reviewers always appreciate a book that is both familiar and o' so subtly different. I was comfortable in reading this book as if it were a sword and sorcery adventure tale, and then Maxey throws me for a loop by introducing his preacher character (a thoroughly modern Christian one). But this was but a pale foreshadow to the big reveal about the nature of the world of Bitterwood and the hegemony of the dragons. It is plot twist that is surprising and enjoyable. Readers should read this book prepared to be surprised, and not to take anything for granted. I highly recommend this book...

And Infoquake is reviewed over at Andromeda Spaceways.

Overall, Infoquake emerges as a well-told, entertaining, and thought-provoking first novel. A solid start. Edelman's just might be a name to watch.

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