Gail Z. Martin Podcasts

Gail Z. Martin, author of Chronicle of the Necromancer series, dropped us a line to tell us about her latest podcasts with several genre authors on a wide range of topics.

Remaining episodes feature:

2/15 Angela Knight, author of Warlord, Beyond the Dark, Warrior: The Time Hunters

3/1 Pam Cable, author of Televenge, Southern Fried Women

3/15 Paul Kearney, author of The Monarchies of God (series), The Ten Thousand

4/1 Sabrina Luna, contributing author of Midnight Encounters

4/15 Terry Hoover, author of Double Dead

5/1 Emily Gee, author of Thief with No Shadow

5/15 Justin Gustainis, fantasy, author of Black Magic Woman

6/1 Jeffrey Thomas, science fiction, author of Deadstock, Blue War

6/15 Mark Chadbourn, fantasy, author of Lord of Silence

7/1 Gina Farago, paranormal, author of Ivy Cole and the Moon, Luna

7/15 Michael Arnzen, horror, author of Play Dead and Proverbs for Monsters

8/1 Andy Remic, military sci fi, author of War Machine and Biohell

8/15 Mike Lee, gaming novels, author of Warpsword and Reaper of Souls

9/1 Lou Anders, sci fi, editor of Sideways in Crime and Futureshocks

9/15 Alethea Kontis, sci fi editor

10/1 James Maxey, fantasy, author of Bitterwood and Dragonforge

10/15 Adam Roberts, sci fi, author of Splinter

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