Anthology Review Via The Medium Of Google Translate

Spotted a great review of the Solaris Book of New SF, Vol 1, over on a Brazilian site. My Portuguese not being what it used to be, I've used the wonderful skills of Google to bring you the review in comedy English. Still, a damn site better than what any of us lot could manage.

Automatically translated text:

Solaris discovered a few months, by searching the shelves of Culture Bookstore. A publisher small but pujante, which has already begun in the best style kung-fu-shaw-brothers-tarantino: Walking in the door and attitude, will face?

Encarar that staff in tatame only if your bed is a futon, because lying is more tasty read. The expensive nor well begun and already launched two massive compilations, one of FC and one of fantasy, authors of the best quality. Detail: a collection of short stories is just unprecedented, and made both to a publisher newcomer.

For connoisseurs, a tasting of some names from the collection of FC: Paul di Filippo (one of the names of the scene cyberpunk), Peter F. Hamilton, the veteran Ian Watson and Stephen Baxter, Brian Aldiss (everyone remembers that AI, Spielberg, was based on one of the stories of it, right?), The great Neal Asher, Keith Brooke and Jeffrey Thomas. The latter I did not know before, and his story is happening in a future in which the Earth not only colonized other worlds and still got a war with a nation from another dimension (the Ha Jiin, who have blue skin and appearance eastern).

The story of Thomas is a metaphor more than evident with the war in Vietnam, which has everything to do with the curriculum of the face: American (but young, not fought there), married to a Vietnamese refugee of war. So far so ok: after all, the history of which to write FC or the Fantasy gentetem who invent things of cartola is something magical frustrated because (as was the French writer Jean Genet) who is not putting something in writing to you is a fool (he must have said something else, but history did not record).

The universe created by Thomas returned a novel, the first of publisher: Deadstock. This novel is a story bacaninha, which re-introduced the character of Jeremy Stake (fast read the name and see the infamous pun), ex-soldier in the war Ha Jiin and current hardboiled detective with the law and porkpie hat like to jazz. The story goes on Punktown, town in a colony outside the Earth, where Stake lives and is involved in the cases more bizarre. The case in question is not great, in fact, recalls the episodes of the animated series Batman, Warner - but this is not a defect. The book is page-turner, non-stop reading.

And which is better: it has just been made available for download completely free. Advertising smart to prepare the readers for Blue War, the new book by Thomas that will soon. Go in peace, brothers, and not baixai you arrependereis (word of the Lord).

PS: And those guys are still to launch a second collection of FC soon! Stay-eye!


Fabio Fernandes said...

Mark, thanks for posting my review at you blog - but, next time (there will be others, I hope, because I´ll be reviewing your new books soon - please, drop me a line and I´ll do the translation for you for free, ok? ;-)
Google does a funny job, but, remembering Babelfish, I felt like a Vogon! :-)

Mark Newton said...

Splendid, Fabio! Google isn't the best, but we mostly understand... Books are on their way.


Fabio said...


Thank you!