The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction vol.2

Eagle-eyed readers of the Solaris Books website will have spotted that The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction: Volume Two is due to be published in March. It's already started to pick up some early reviews, and we thought it was high time we provided a list of all the great stories you'll soon be able to find inside.

'iCity' by Paul Di Filippo
'The Space Crawl Blues' by Kay Kenyon
'The Line of Dichotomy' by Chris Roberson
'Fifty Dinosaurs' by Robert Reed
'Mason's Rats: Black Rat' by Neal Asher
'Blood Bonds' by Brenda Cooper
'The Eyes of God' by Peter Watts
'Sunworld' by Eric Brown
'Evil Robot Monkey' by Mary Robinette Kowal
'Shining Armour' by Dominic Green
'Book, Theatre, and Wheel' by Karl Schroeder
'Mathralon' by David Louis Edelman
'Mason's Rats: Autotractor' by Neal Asher
'Modem Times' (A Jerry Cornelius Story) by Michael Moorcock
'Point of Contact' by Dan Abnett
Good, eh?


John Picacio said...

Brilliant list, George. :)

Congrats to all.

A friendly query: you left one important detail out though....who's the cover illustrator? In fact, having a look at the Solaris website, the company seems to have left this info off of every single book description that I clicked on. Yikes, fellas.....

Suggestion: It takes mere moments to type in that info on your website book descriptions, on your blog, and on your books (preferably, somewhere easy to find). Believe it or not, there are people who buy books just because a particular cover artist did the cover. It happens, folks. I know because consumers kindly tell me the same, not only about my own cover illustrations, but others as well. That's more money in the publisher's pocket, but if the publisher doesn't consistently provide the info, then the company loses that earning potential. Seems careless to have money needlessly falling out of your pockets, doesn't it? :)

Just trying to help!

SciFiLover said...

WRT to the cover illustrator please can you let me know who did this and the first volume. It reminds me of a book i had as a child, and is one of the reasons i bought it ten mins ago from amazon.

many thanks

SciFiLover said...

Found out at last. It's Stephan Martiniere. Brilliant artist - his site is here

Jetse de Vries said...

The cover artist for "The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction vol. 2" is Pawel Lewandowski.

His website is here: .

It was the cover for Interzone #200, for which it won the BSFA Award for artwork in 2005 (I picked it up for Pawel).

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to dive into Volume 2 of The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, the first volume being one of my favorite reads last year, and was cruising along, somewhat disjointedly (wondering why the protagonist had lost his neighborhood overnight, while Bloodvoor was a long drawn out project, whatever) when I slammed into a major error in Di Filippo's iCity -- an "OMG I don't think I can continue reading if this is the kind of errors I'm going to run into."

On Page 23, the 4th Paragraph single sentence reads, "The reformation of Bloodvoor had begun."

But that's just not so, they were all WORKING on their plans for Bloodvoor, and had gathered at the restaurant on Mt Excess to watch ... the reformation of Las Ramblas! ("... the neighborhood lit up all red ..." p22. And " ... the new version of Las Ramblas commenced to be born ... " p24)

Yes. I just stopped reading and began trying to track down a way to bring this to Mr. Mann's attention. For all the stated passion for the short story format, this editing oversight, in such a short piece is simply mind boggling.

The horror. The Horror!

stir said...
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Anonymous said...

(Yes that's me, "stir" trying to cover my anonymous drunk commenting.)

And yes, typo on my comment.


OMG, the shame, the Shame!

But again, kudos on V1 and ok ok, thanks for keeping at it! Now watch the editing on V3!

(tucks tail, walks away, anonymously)