Fancy Some Pasty Romance?

Now then, it's appeared to the hungry eyes of the unmissable George Mann, that Locus magazine online has a banner ad to Greggs the bakers. And when we say bakers, we're not talking diet food, people. We're talking ALL the calories. Then Christian pointed out that it's also one of the rotating adverts on Comic Book Resources.

What can we deduce about this kind of targeted advertising campaign? Do Greggs know their market well? Are SF and Fantasy fans the biggest eaters of pasties?

For one thing, I've never seen big G so excited before. He's opening an account as I type with an order for steak bakes. In fact, he's just added: "Custard slice is one of the most divine things available on the high street. Can I email Greggs?"

There you have it folks. Our test subject has spoken.

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