Remic Does Nottingham

A couple of snaps from when the new master of rock-hard military science fiction came to town to sign copies of War Machine. This was taken before beers. And wine, in fact. I've never seen a man neck so much wine so quickly. Perhaps that's just how masters of rock-hard SF take their drink. Maybe he was making the most of being let out to mingle with the general public.


Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone who's been out for a couple of lunchtime beers with Andy (he barely blinked, I tell you) I can testify that the man's a drinking animal. An animal, I tell you!

(Although in the nicest possible way, of course...) :)

Mark Newton said...

I was just shocked at the story of 25 pints for 2 nights in a row. That's just wrong. No one can survive that.

Andy Rem said...

Hey, the 25 pint thing was a 2 night stag event. And I couldn't function for a week afterwards!! Still, my mate Jake drank even more :-) (although he was about to get married.......)