Detailed Review of The Solaris Book of New Fantasy

Here for all to read at Fantasy Book Critic.

This is another cracker, and one of those wonderful story-by-story reviews, so you can get a flavour of each tale.
"Not only does the compilation masterfully celebrate the rich diversity of the fantasy genre, it also showcases a wonderful array of writers, both new and established, that deserve a much larger audience. In fact, the best part of the anthology I thought was its excellent selection of authors who probably don’t get enough credit and I for one was grateful for the opportunity to meet writers I had never heard of or was only familiar with by reputation. So in the end, no matter what kind of a fantasy reader you are, I believe there’s something in The Solaris Book of New Fantasy for everyone and I hope that Solaris will continue producing these anthologies for years to come…"

Be sure to check out the giveaway on the same site, in which George has devalued copies with his paw print. ;-D

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