Bug-eyed and small-headed? Not so lucky with the dating game?

Then, as reported on the BBC, today's your lucky day.

Producers of the new Star Trek movie are to hold an open casting session for people with "unique" features to appear as extras in the film... The studio said it was interested in people with unique characteristics like "long necks, small heads, bug eyes, large foreheads and oversized ears".

Some of the facial features the studio is looking for include:
* extremely large heads and foreheads
* wide or close-set eyes
* over or undersized ears and/or nose
* facial deformities
* pronounced cheekbones
* ultra perfect or ultra plain-looking people

There are too many jokes here, people. Too many jokes.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Is this Star Trek made in the style of Todd Browning?

(I hope someone gets the joke...)