Setting the shelves on fire...

As it starts to ship out to stores, Chris Roberson's deep and mysterious Set the Seas on Fire is garnering more praise. The estimable John Berlyne at SFRevu says the book: "admirably provides the very story elements one desires in this kind of novel – not least an exotic tropical island setting that, underneath a veneer of verdant flora and beautiful naked native women, harbours threatening and unfathomable dark spirits that will crush and corrupt the sceptical white man. Set the Seas on Fire adds another very competent and confident story to Roberson's ever-growing, increasingly impressive interconnected cannon."

Meanwhile the mononominal Ken at Neth Space chipped in with: "Set the Seas on Fire is a fun and satisfying adventure through the South Seas. (It) is a highly enjoyable novel, good story, and a great view of an interesting character."

Chris Roberson himself has been risking all by allowing us an intimate glimpse of his thought processes by taking one of Heidi Ruby Miller's revelatory Pick Six quizzes. For more revelations, Chris' own blog is the very thing - right now, keep tabs on how he's progressing with the final chapters of next year's SF epic for Solaris, The Dragon's Nine Sons. From the draft we just read in the editorial office, we're not sure our hearts can stand the wait.

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