Thundercats Movie

Still playing that same riff of not having an original thought and preferring build on an exi$ting fanba$e, Warner Bros have announced that they will be making a Thundercats movie. Same as Transformers and a billion other remakes. Linked from Fantasy Book Critic who reports that Terry Brooks' Sword of Shanaara fantasy series gets the Warner treatment.

It is amazing to see the level of film interest in books/cartoons/nostalgia these days. We used to discuss film to book novelizations and vice versa in our editorial meetings, and it's always a fascinating discussion. They're definitely hugely more frequent in the last ten years or so. Sure you had the classics translated to big screen in yesteryear, but what's the reason for such levels of this now? Is it simply commercialism? The fast-paced urgency to get a ready-made idea on screen? Or is it simply because there are so few good ideas left?

Someone leave a bandwagon round here?

— Mark N

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RobC said...

You can discount the "so few good ideas left" theory for a start – Thundercats was always a second-rate kids' cartoon. It's an unholy combination of nostalgia combined with lazy Hollywood – why bother with new when you can appropriate something people are already familiar with?

I dread the day when I'm middle-aged and the current revival is being revived...