Eric Brown Signing

Just a reminder that Sir Eric Brown will be signing copies of his stunning new novel, Helix, this Thursday and Friday as part of a group author signing.

June 7th (5:30-7pm) Waterstone's Piccadilly, London

June 8th (5-6pm) Waterstone's Birmingham High Street

The Piccadilly signing is with Steph Swainston, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Robert Holdstock, David Langford, Chris Dolley, John Lambshead, Andrew Dennis, Eric Brown, Steven Savile and David Devereux.

The Birmingham signing is with Robert Holdstock, Juliet McKenna, Chris Dolley, Mark Chadbourn, Ian McLeod, Eric Brown, Steven Savile, David Devereux and Graham McNeill.

There will be a Solaris editor at each to make sure things don't get out of hand...

— Mark N

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