James Maxey Blog Updates and Stuff

James Maxey dropped me a line to announce his new blog dedicated to the Bitterwood novel at bitterwoodnovel.blogspot.com, and also a redesign of his personal blog at jamesmaxey.blogspot.com. Bookmark both! The Bitterwood site also has a link to a free short story. And we now have the sample chapter online. Read it! He'll also be a guest at Ravencon in Richmond, VA, USA this upcoming weekend. If you're in the area, go and say hello.

About Bitterwood. Fantasy author John Marco gave us this quote: "A grabber from page one, a smart tale of adventure and revenge sprinkled with echoes of our own dangerous times. James Maxey's world of dragons and humans at war is so solidly and engagingly rendered that I never wanted to leave."

Other random stuff: yesterday, I ventured to Twickenham to watch this amazing game of rugby.

—Mark N

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